Saturday, January 26, 2013



Irishman 1: I am quite sure that you have a deep interest in literature, aren't you? 

Calon: Indeed. I am a keen appreciator of creative writings and literature. 

Irishman 2: Do you know how much do we appreciate literature?
Calon: Of course. You even have a museum dedicated to your prestigious writers. 


Irishman 1: How was your career exposure program? 

Calon: It was great. I learnt quite a lot from the visit. 

Irishman 2: From your observation, what are the things that can be improved about medical system?

Calon: Technological aspects is the most important thing that needs to be improved since...

Irishman 1: No. Apart from technology, what else? 

Calon: Erk. Ehem. I guess the doctors were just too relax with their works (?!)


Irishman 1: Do you have any question to be asked? 

Calon: Yes, I do. I would like to know more about the prospect on post-graduate studies in Ireland. Is it possible for me to further my study in the same university I went for my under-graduate studies? 

Irishman: ....I am not certain with that...


Tawakkal dan terus yakin pada Allah :) 

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HUSNA said...

ireland 'was' the place i wanted to go.really.yet, Allah know my limitation,alhamdulillah. btw,full certainty to the Mighty
and Good Luck for the unforeseen future.

kemsalam those muslim-irish people haha