Wednesday, April 27, 2011



hello guys ! 

i am back again with more stories to be told and more experiences to be shared with all of you my dear readers.

YES ! finally my interview weeks had come to its end .. whoaaaa...i am so glad and relieved..

these two weeks was a really hectic with interviews, managing documents, printing resumes and lots of stuff 

need to be done. Well, this is what we call "Kerenah Birokrasi".. 

what? you don't get my idea? Hurm, think for yourself lah ! HAHA..

ok, as promised, I would really love to share my experience of attending the prestigious MARA interview

for Program Ijazah Luar Negara ( PILN ) 2011. 
As usual, please take notes to all will be shared here because it MAY be important and helpful though..

HAHA..well, i guess so :) 

ok, where is good to begin? HEHE :P

My interview was scheduled on 27th of April 2011 which is on Wednesday approximately at 11.00 AM.

The interview will be held at Pejabat Mara Negeri Johor, Plaza Larkin, JB. Due to my enthusiasm which 
could not be hold anymore, I asked my dad to drive me there earlier so that I arrived there at least an hour 

before the interview started. I woke up as usual to perform Subuh prayer and continued to sleep. HAHA..

Well, it was just 6.45 AM and I was too tired making final preparations for today's interview last night. 


At 8.00 AM, I woke up and took my breakfast before heading to the bathroom to prepare myself. I had 

already iron my attires last night so I wore a light blue kemeja lengan panjang + a black slack + a nice blue 

necktie + black belt + a pair of black socks + a pair of black shoes :) smart isn't it ? i like ........

then, we started our journey to JB at 9.00 AM and arrived there at 10.00 AM..when i arrived, the building

was still quiet as not many people are there. Then, we headed to the MARA Office at the third floor.

Gosh, there were not so crowded but yet, there were already candidates waiting at the office with their 

family members. The office was quite small and i bet that if they were many people inside it, there will be 

such a hustle and havoc there. Luckily, it wasn't like that when I arrived. As I arrived there, I met Luqman 

Bukhary, my ex-schoolmate there. Actually, I had noticed him earlier but yet I was quite shy to call him :P

HAHA..then, I headed to the registration counter in which I were required to pass up the documents they 

already asked us to bring along. There were numbers of documents need to be passed up and the officer 

who worked inside the room looked really tired managing all the documents..HUHU...i found that there
were plenty big boxes around the room and it were all full of documents !! How I wish my documents will

be kept safely..safely saved and safely arrived to the Head Quarters ! InsyaAllah :) 

then, i was given a form to be filled in..the form given stated my group and my turn number. 

Luckily, I was in Group A same as Luqman and my turn was number 4..ouhh..lucky number 4 ! 

This year, the interview's format undergone 360 degree changes from the previous years. The interview will
be conducted in groups..each group consisted of 8 candidates. As for the interview session, it will be divided

to 2 parts..first part was to do the instructed task in groups..the second part was the Q's & A's session in 

which each interviewees will be asked only ONE questions regarding the activitiy done earlier and you will 

only given maximum one minute to answer. HUHU....sounds odd right?

We sat for a while, had some chit-chat with each others before being called to take our turn number sticker. 

Then, we were asked to sit nearby the interview room and waited until our turn to come. Before that, we did 

some 'taaruf' session first to know each other a little bit before going into the battle ground, which was the

interview room.  My group consisted of 7 candidates, less 1 person from other groups because there was a

boy who supposed to join our group suddenly gone somewhere and can't be identified..hisyyyyhh~ 

of the 7 people, 4 of us came from SBP, 2 from MRSM, and a person came from Sekolah Teknik.

then, our group was called and we entered the room one by one and took our seats once instructed by the
panels. The panels consisted of three interviewers, 2 male and a female interviewer, and they were extremely

humble too !! TEEHEE !! after the introductory session, the real interview session began. 

We are required to work as a team, to construct a bridge that will passed a gap of 15 cm and to connect the 

edges of two different tables. The bridge shall be made by a kilogram of spaghetti sticks, a bundle of thread,

and a pair of scissors ONLY. The time given was only 30 minutes and we are required to talk aloud in 

English throughout the 30 minutes and based on that, we will be assessed by the panels. To do this in 30 

minutes was merely impossible at the beginning but as it came to the end of the 30 minutes, I realized that it

was not so difficult at all. I was glad because I had been training to do this at home yesterday and had also 

discussed the strategies with my father. Plus, my idea were supported by the whole team. Throughout the 

30 minutes, we talked, conversed, and gave instructions in English - or to be precise, BROKEN English..

HAHA..we all were like mumbling words to anyone in the group and it was a totally bad acting ! HAHA

I laughed at myself when I remembered that ! However, despite the difficulties and big rush to complete the

bridge construction, we managed to build a STRONG bridge that able to withstand a 500 grams sardine can

that was put onto it. PFFFFTTTTTT~ What a relieve !!  


After successfully building a strong and unique spaghetti bridge, ( a round of applause to us !! ) , we were

asked to be seated according to our turn number and were asked one question each, respectively. 

As the 4th candidates, my one and only question I got was : 

"If we halve the quantity of the spaghetti sticks and we add two times the load, what will your group do to

construct a spaghetti bridge?" 

And my answer was : 

"Well, if we were to be given such materials with the stated quantities, I bet that my group shall maximise the

usage of those materials plus design a more stable and strong bridge. If you look at our earlier product, we

seem to use minimal materials but this one will definitely fail if we maintain it that way. Thus, this is where great

creative thinking skills and excellent team co-operations are needed. Thank you." 

Some other questions were like : 

"Are you a leader? Or you just be a follower?"
"What do you think the purpose of the activity?"
"How do you contribute to the team?"
"In just 20 minutes, can your group completed the same task?" 

So, after all of us finished answering our respective questions, the interview session came to its end. It was 

really quick and I did not managed to enjoy the interview much. HURM~  

After greeting the panels thank you and goodbye, we then walked out from the room. 

OK, by 12.00 noon, i already in the car, on my way back to Simpang Renggam. The interview took less than 

an hour, maybe 50 minutes or earlier. Therefore, to my conclusion, no need to be fear because it was really 

a leisure and simple interview. The interviewers were humble too..they are not really stern as I expected 

before. Oh God, thanks for giving me the confidence and to let the interview session went on smoothly. 

To family members, teachers and friends..i do really appreciate your prayers and supports. If there is my

'rezeki', it will always be there. 

p/s : i met a *maknyah* couple there ! it was hilarious but kinda freaky too :P

Saturday, April 23, 2011



i would like to express my gratitude and a warmth greeting of congratulation to my alma mater

SM SAINS JOHOR for the success of becoming one of the 146 sekolah kluster kecemerlangan in Malaysia..

after this, we'll strive to become a SBT okay ! 

Majulah, majulah sekolah yang tercinta !


30 Sekolah Diiktiraf Sekolah Kluster Kecemerlangan

PUTRAJAYA -  Sebanyak 30 buah diiktiraf sebagai sekolah kluster kecemerlangan dalam satu majlis
pengiktirafan di sini hari ini.

Sekolah terbabit ialah Sekolah Menengah Sains Sabah, Sekolah Menengah Sains Johor, Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Gopeng, Perak, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Datuk Penggawa Barat, Johor dan Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Convent Taiping, Perak.

Sekolah rendah yang mendapat pengiktirafan tersebut pula ialah Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Ampang, Perak, Sekolah Kebangsaan Paya Rumput, Melaka, Sekolah Kebangsaan Agama Miri, Sarawak, Sekolah Kebangsaan Tengku Mahmud, Terengganu dan Sekolah Kebangsaan Mantob, Sabah.

Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran, Datuk Abd. Ghafar Mahmud berkata, pengiktirafan tersebut sejajar dengan Pelan Induk Pembangunan Pendidikan bagi melonjakkan kecemerlangan institusi pendidikan di negara ini.

“Apa yang dirancang oleh kementerian melalui pengiktirafan ini sejajar dengan hasrat kerajaan untuk membangunkan modal insan minda kelas pertama menjelang tahun 2020.

“sekolah kluster kecemerlangan bukan sahaja cemerlang dalam pengurusan dan pencapaian sekolah tetapi ia mempunyai kebitaraan akademik dan kokurikulum yang berupaya mewatakkan sekolah,” katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian pada majlis Pengiktirafan sekolah kluster kecemerlangan Fasa 4 bagi tahun 2011 di sini hari ini.

Mengulas lanjut, Abd. Ghafar berkata, bilangan sekolah kluster kecemerlangan di negara ini akan bertambah kepada 300 buah menjelang tahun 2015.

Menurutnya, bilangan sekolah kluster kecemerlangan yang ada pada waktu ini ialah sebanyak 124 buah termasuk dikawasan luar bandar dan pihaknya optimis dapat mencapai jangkaan tersebut.

Tambahnya, pengiktirafan sebagai sekolah kluster kecemerlangan juga memastikan sekolah luar bandar tidak tercicir dariapda menerima faedah pembangunan pendidikan di negara ini.

p/s : really proud to be an ex-SMSJ , the author even used SMSJ badge on top of the report ! :)

Friday, April 15, 2011



I would need to admit that I was very overwhelmed today ! yahooooooo !! 


haha, finally I got an invitation from MARA.. 

a call for an INTERVIEW ! G.R.E.A.T !! 

and this was how the invitation like : 



after a tiring period of waiting, finally it arrived..

at first, it was sooooooooooooo hard to get into the line..

I bet the website was sooooooooooooo busy and congested with visitors..

LOL..all of them was really can't stand waiting anymore ! haha..

I managed to check my status at 6.00 pm..

and yes...the result is positive :) 

so, from now on, I really need to get prepared..

the interview session will not gonna be easy :)

Friday, April 01, 2011



ok, i had already decided to pursue medic studies at AUSTRALIA ..

and already dreaming to stay at ADELAIDE or SYDNEY bagaii = = " ( suddenly i can become so bengong ! )

plus, my dad pon kata if overseas studies is my preferable choice..he will have no problem with AUSTRALIA 

or NEW ZEALAND..hurm..

but just now that when i pointed this problem at one discussion board.

i received many "creepy" feedback from abang falah and not to miss kak long..

well, both of them at australia currently..but none of them were a medic student..hehe..

here, some of the hot-so-called discussion..hehe :) ;
haiqal : medic in is it?

abang falah : owh..medic in oz i guess is almost the same with other country in term of the duration..praktical can be done here coz i met b4 future dktr yg sdg berpraktikal di sni.tpkn..sblum nk pursue medic here..mmg sgt berat n mencabar..i'm telling u this not to let u down..but to get u ready..klu mara biasanya dia akan anta prep wat ausmat/ sam / a level,,klu nk ke oz n klu nk pursue medic here..the requirement is damn high..almost perfect..the ter kne 97+++..which aka smue subjek time prep A..hehe

haiqal : ya allah !! nape la susah sgt haluan yg kita nak pilih it for real? 97++ tu marks for what?

abg falah : klu wat sam/ ausmat die akan amek mcm average lah..xgne 4 flat or bdg kritikal mmg nk almost perfect..sbb ade one of my fren die kat taylors dlu wat medic under point die xckup tok smbung medic in skrg die divert ke india..klu kes skola kite..s***** h**** kne..die point xckup tok pursue medic in nz..luckily jpa decided to smbung die ke kne wat prep prog ke india xsilap klu dktr mmg tggi pointer nye aka klu wat a lvl mmg sng nk lepas..cmbination bbc ckup..hehe

haiqal : ouhhh..maksodnyer kalo nak ke AUS mmg kne pass SAM or AUSMAT gila2 la yer?..then a-level tu ken negara selain AUS ea? ..haisyh..lucky la kalo dpt at least smbg ke india la..drpd digantung tak bertali..haisyh..kak ilany JPA ea?

abang falah : anis ilany akak kpd dinie? xsure..rasenye jpa kat poland kn..lbeh kureng lah..cbe check this entry tok my uni xjauh ngn uni2 lain..btw a level world wide trime..kte dlu a lvl..hehe..btw ade pmbtuln..a lvl die nk aab..

kak long : a'ar ilany dkt poland under JPA..If dpt Ausmat or SAM, mcm falah ckp gner percentage, 97 2 mksdnya 97% which average mark 90% ke atas, mmg agak susah jgk la...tapi bende ni rezeki, klu awk dpt program ni fikir btl2, istikharah byk2, mner aw...k sng utk utk awak haiqal...mcm kat tmpt alg Adelaide, bdk medik if x lulus kne repeat year brbnding kitorg yg ader supplementary exam..alg x psti tmpt laen....tpi kt oZ doktor bkn wargenegara sng nak diterima krja...dh la lumayan...bole dpt PR...( ni utk sesapa yg x nak balik n nak berumah tangga kt OZ)...

haiqal : kak long, wahh..really? hurm..i've to consider many things to choose which country should i pursue my stil no 1 is australia..hurm..i see many benefits kalo further studies there or else work there.if possible..

abg falah : oz is ok..i mean the weather is nice, the people is nice and no matter what it is..once u got the offer, no matter sam kah..ausmat ur best..insyaallah ade pluang..n do apply unsw..hehe..mantap=)

---------------------------------------------------- sorry..frankly i do not know how to paste screenshot in this blogspot it is quite crowded la... ( really look forward to learn tired to copy and paste the words from fb :P ) to anyone who notice that there are some unrecognized and weird words or abbreviations..haha..sorry :) faham-faham sendiri la ye ! :P

so..i still not 100% arrive to a strong and concrete conclusion...

and i really need to do that in this crucial moment..MARA interviewer will surely attack me with this question..

" where do you wish to pursue your study? "
" why here and not there?"
 and so many other questions..yeah..i bet it !!  


would it be ...








well, i guess it is up to me ! 

p/s : will definitely not to be SOUTH KOREA :'(