Friday, April 15, 2011



I would need to admit that I was very overwhelmed today ! yahooooooo !! 


haha, finally I got an invitation from MARA.. 

a call for an INTERVIEW ! G.R.E.A.T !! 

and this was how the invitation like : 



after a tiring period of waiting, finally it arrived..

at first, it was sooooooooooooo hard to get into the line..

I bet the website was sooooooooooooo busy and congested with visitors..

LOL..all of them was really can't stand waiting anymore ! haha..

I managed to check my status at 6.00 pm..

and yes...the result is positive :) 

so, from now on, I really need to get prepared..

the interview session will not gonna be easy :)


Biey said...

gud lak !! saya pun dapat gak.. kalu ada tips interview, silalah share.. hihi..

Haiqal Dongwo0n said...

hehe..thanks..good luck to you too :)

I do have some questions that will may be asked for MARA's interview in my recent have a look ..

i hope it helps :)

NAF said...

assalamualaikum and annyeonghaseyo to you too,dongwoon~
i will be going for the interview too but mine is on 28th for medical course~
anyway,good luck to you and i really hope maybe you can share some information for the interview,please?

Haiqal Dongwo0n said...


wslm...annyonghaseyo :)

good luck to you too..

i do share some info's about MARA's interview at my older may search for it if you want to..

cheonmaneyo :)

p/s : why don't you give a link or email ?? :P

NAF said...

yes,i had been reading that info,thank you so much for sharing them~
but,i'm so curious,is it true that we have to write an essay for that interview?
btw,you are an ex-student of smsj,eh?
old friend of mine also studied there before,azrin jamsari,you know him right?
i had sent a friend request to you on facebook with a username,Tinkle Bell Willywink,of course that is not my real name^_^
you can just contact me by sending an email at
anyway,i had been writing too much^_^
need to stop now,annyeong~

Haiqal Dongwo0n said...

you're welcome..

hope it helps :)

of course i know him...sape la tak kenal si JOE tu..haha :P

yeah..btw, i didn't realized that you're already a friend of mine .. huhu

goodluck :)

Anonymous said...

hello..congratz to u.
I also get the offer to the interview.
where do u wish to study and what university??
hope u can answer my ques.
thank u.

Haiqal Dongwo0n said...

congratulations to you too :)

i wish to study at new zealand

at either one of this universities :

1) University of Auckland
2) University of Canterbury

by the way, why don't you give any links please for me to keep in touch ?

Anonymous said...

oh..tq so much 4 answering my ques.
u stay at simpang renggam?? my grandma house is

this is my email:
keep in touch ok.

Haiqal Dongwo0n said...

you're most welcome :) currently at spg renggam..

insyaAllah, we'll keep in touch :)

Lisa said...

hey dude..going 4 the interview??
need some tips.
how do u arrange ur certificate???

Haiqal Dongwo0n said...


yes.,i'm going for MARA interview indeed.

ok, i'll create a post to show you how i managed the certs and docs.

thanks :)

Lisa said...

hope u can do it asap..
my interview will be tomorrow

Haiqal Dongwo0n said...


i should finished the post as lately as tonight :)

keep on tuning to my blog okayh !

*any link for me to contact you?

Lisa said...

have u done do it???

Haiqal Dongwo0n said...

i am so sorry !

a big apology !!!

i can't make it possible to do it due to some big problems.

btw, i found a link for you as guideline :)

sorryyy !!!!

go here -->

Anonymous said...

hello..wanna ask something.
is there any ujian persekutuan jpa that we should take??

Anonymous said...

hello..wanna ask something.
is there any ujian persekutuan jpa that we should take??

Haiqal Dongwo0n said...

as far as I concern, NO.