Friday, April 01, 2011



ok, i had already decided to pursue medic studies at AUSTRALIA ..

and already dreaming to stay at ADELAIDE or SYDNEY bagaii = = " ( suddenly i can become so bengong ! )

plus, my dad pon kata if overseas studies is my preferable choice..he will have no problem with AUSTRALIA 

or NEW ZEALAND..hurm..

but just now that when i pointed this problem at one discussion board.

i received many "creepy" feedback from abang falah and not to miss kak long..

well, both of them at australia currently..but none of them were a medic student..hehe..

here, some of the hot-so-called discussion..hehe :) ;
haiqal : medic in is it?

abang falah : owh..medic in oz i guess is almost the same with other country in term of the duration..praktical can be done here coz i met b4 future dktr yg sdg berpraktikal di sni.tpkn..sblum nk pursue medic here..mmg sgt berat n mencabar..i'm telling u this not to let u down..but to get u ready..klu mara biasanya dia akan anta prep wat ausmat/ sam / a level,,klu nk ke oz n klu nk pursue medic here..the requirement is damn high..almost perfect..the ter kne 97+++..which aka smue subjek time prep A..hehe

haiqal : ya allah !! nape la susah sgt haluan yg kita nak pilih it for real? 97++ tu marks for what?

abg falah : klu wat sam/ ausmat die akan amek mcm average lah..xgne 4 flat or bdg kritikal mmg nk almost perfect..sbb ade one of my fren die kat taylors dlu wat medic under point die xckup tok smbung medic in skrg die divert ke india..klu kes skola kite..s***** h**** kne..die point xckup tok pursue medic in nz..luckily jpa decided to smbung die ke kne wat prep prog ke india xsilap klu dktr mmg tggi pointer nye aka klu wat a lvl mmg sng nk lepas..cmbination bbc ckup..hehe

haiqal : ouhhh..maksodnyer kalo nak ke AUS mmg kne pass SAM or AUSMAT gila2 la yer?..then a-level tu ken negara selain AUS ea? ..haisyh..lucky la kalo dpt at least smbg ke india la..drpd digantung tak bertali..haisyh..kak ilany JPA ea?

abang falah : anis ilany akak kpd dinie? xsure..rasenye jpa kat poland kn..lbeh kureng lah..cbe check this entry tok my uni xjauh ngn uni2 lain..btw a level world wide trime..kte dlu a lvl..hehe..btw ade pmbtuln..a lvl die nk aab..

kak long : a'ar ilany dkt poland under JPA..If dpt Ausmat or SAM, mcm falah ckp gner percentage, 97 2 mksdnya 97% which average mark 90% ke atas, mmg agak susah jgk la...tapi bende ni rezeki, klu awk dpt program ni fikir btl2, istikharah byk2, mner aw...k sng utk utk awak haiqal...mcm kat tmpt alg Adelaide, bdk medik if x lulus kne repeat year brbnding kitorg yg ader supplementary exam..alg x psti tmpt laen....tpi kt oZ doktor bkn wargenegara sng nak diterima krja...dh la lumayan...bole dpt PR...( ni utk sesapa yg x nak balik n nak berumah tangga kt OZ)...

haiqal : kak long, wahh..really? hurm..i've to consider many things to choose which country should i pursue my stil no 1 is australia..hurm..i see many benefits kalo further studies there or else work there.if possible..

abg falah : oz is ok..i mean the weather is nice, the people is nice and no matter what it is..once u got the offer, no matter sam kah..ausmat ur best..insyaallah ade pluang..n do apply unsw..hehe..mantap=)

---------------------------------------------------- sorry..frankly i do not know how to paste screenshot in this blogspot it is quite crowded la... ( really look forward to learn tired to copy and paste the words from fb :P ) to anyone who notice that there are some unrecognized and weird words or abbreviations..haha..sorry :) faham-faham sendiri la ye ! :P

so..i still not 100% arrive to a strong and concrete conclusion...

and i really need to do that in this crucial moment..MARA interviewer will surely attack me with this question..

" where do you wish to pursue your study? "
" why here and not there?"
 and so many other questions..yeah..i bet it !!  


would it be ...








well, i guess it is up to me ! 

p/s : will definitely not to be SOUTH KOREA :'(


NAF said...

hye,you know what,i really hope that MARA will send medical student to south korea~
it is my dream to study in SK..,been too much affected by the kpop stars,hehe~
are there any chances to study medic in SK?
and i still don't know which country is better for medic:(

Haiqal Dongwo0n said...


of course, if possible,

i also wanted to go to SOUTH KOREA..

but as far as i concern, there's

no scholarships offering South Korea's universities to study medic :)