Sunday, June 19, 2011



Phew ~ Glad I made it ! 

Feeling absolutely excited today. Today is the Father's Day kan ? 

Awwwww...So this is the time to see, which celebration is merrier ? Is it the Mother's Day or the Father's Day? 

Yes ! Perhaps the first one is better than the latter...kot ? HAHA. 

So, let us just make it simple but yet still meaningful . 

Just a wish from your son here : 

"Abah, happy father's day. May Allah's blessings will always be with you in whatever you do. Please stay healthy. Please stay strong. I am so sorry for any of my actions did annoyed you. Please forgive all my wrongdoings from the day I was born to the end of my chapter. InsyaAllah, I will surely pray for your happiness in the world and freedom in the Akhirat. Pray for my success. I promise to my you proud. One day, you'll stand proud ! " 

Happy Father's Day , Abah ! 

P/S : How about the Father's Day celebration ? The next entry reveals everything ! 

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