Friday, June 17, 2011



Alhamdulillah. Finally my medical check up procedure was already settled ! What a relieve. 

It didn't take so long , approximately 4 days, to finish the physical test, X-ray, urine test and blood test. 

Despite the comments and suggestions to go to the private hospital by those peeps who already done their medical check up, I strongly believed that I could still manage to do the check up quick at my town's Klinik 

Therefore, on Monday, I went there at about 2PM and found that I was the only one that wanted to do medical check up and guess what, it took me just 1 hour to complete all the test - 50 minutes, to be precise. 

I was not charged at all for the check up but somehow need to pay RM 20 for the X-ray. Okay, it was worthy. 

The only test left was the blood test. The government hospital needed at least one month-the quickest, to send out the blood test result. I was like WHATTT ?? ONE MONTH ?? 

Why did they took so long eh ? Hurm... 

Thus, to shorten up the time, Abah took me to the Poliklinik Penawar to done the blood test. was really overenthusiastic to be injected again after so long ! Yeah, I could see the my blood was really dark in colour. Probably the darkest of other red colour I had ever seen. And mine blood group type was O. 
Great. Well, I am a generous person. The Universal Donor lah katakan :) The blood sample then sent to the Penawar Lab at JB to be tested and examined for any signs of TB, Hepatitis B or C and HIV. 



This night, I took the result of my blood test and glad to hear that mine was no problem at all except for the lack of antibody for Hepa C. The doctor said it was just okay, as I could take the immunisation innoculation later on before going overseas. Fuhh~ 

Alhamdulillah, one more agenda had been fulfilled. So, what is next ? Yeah, luggage packing ! 

P/S : Really admire the way the doctor examine my blood colour ! He seemed very impress with it :P 

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lyzah said...

Hi, could you tell me how much the penawar charge for full MC.. thx. :)