Monday, June 27, 2011



Hurm. What to say ? Today is the last day at home. This will be the last entry I wrote via the home PC, I guess. For a moment, I was mesmerized. Am I ready to go to the college ? Am I up to the challenges there ? Am I afford enough to endure the new life there ? New faces ? New temparement ? Alien nature and environment ? Hurm. Again .

Enough all those questionnaires. Let the show begin. Well, it was my ultimate decision after all. So, why must hesitate ? Allah knows the best. And I am the one who will configure my own path. 

Tomorrow, approximately at 4 AM, our journey to Kolej MARA Banting shall start. All the sacrifice, the waiting, the amusement will all become one. And I really hope it worth a lot. InsyaAllah. 

Dear KMB, please welcome me with great venture. 
Dear IB, please welcome me with great things to be learnt. 

It was hard to wave goodbye. But, determination shown by a determined person hopefully ease the emotions. 

Haiqal Hazwan, I wish you the best of success. May Allah bless you in your future undertakings. 

P/S : The person in the picture was prescribed as having the symptoms similar to those medical students often had. Dreaming to pursue his studies in Ireland by 2013. And return to Malaysia as a medical practitioner by 2020. Ahh, what a wild imagination he had :D 

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