Sunday, June 12, 2011



This would be a simple post, just to dedicate farewell to one of my batch mates, the super duper genius one, the one whose undeniably "terbaik dari ladang", Izany. 

Ouh, time moves so fast from pace to pace. It was still fresh in my mind, when we both join a trip to celebrate the students who got Straight A's in F1. So do, in F2, competing together in most exams and finally I settled down in second place losing to him in final exam. And it was in F3, when I satisfied after beating him in the SBP trial exam to grab the first place. And after that, it was him who conquered the top spot, meanwhile, I shockingly showed decent performance in exams. F4 was really a terrible year for me. And F5, again, I was beaten 2A+ less than him in order to be in the same par as him during the SPM. He won that time.

The same questions kept playing in my mind, after hearing news of the seniors who managed to pursue their studies overseas ; 
"Who will be the first peep from my batch, to fly, to further studies overseas after SPM?" 
Yet, the question was unsolved. But one name did always wandering about in my mind every time the question appeared. But, I kept it. No answers would be available until today. The historic day. The day I stand proud in order to know the answer. Yes ! I kept the best for today ! 

It was him. The one and only Izany. The one who made us proud. The TF5 0610 saviour. Izany. 

Best wishes from me on behalf your friends up here, good luck and farewell. May you find what you searching for there. And come back with dignity. One day, you'll make the investment worthy ! 

*Izany, my former batch mates in SMSJ, is one of 40 students, under JPA/PSD scholarship, who will further their studies at Vanderbilt University, USA* 


Some best wishes from former TF5 0610 ( those yang I sempat perasan only okay )  






P/S : Still remember our families eat together in the same table at DSB after HAC :) Haziq was not there. Apalah Haziq, balik awal :P 


dR. Acad said...

wey, aku nk mngis bce ko pnye entry yg ni doe..sumpah! sob3..T_T

Haiqal Hazwan said...


Ouhh.. terharunya T_T

Alangkah kau yang membaca pun dah sebak, apatah lagi aku yang menulis :'(