Friday, June 10, 2011



Alhamdulillah, today will be one of the most memorable moments in my entire life. Yes, it is for sure. 

After years of waiting, hoping, dreaming, combined with a liter of tears and bunches of prayers, at last, I got the chance to own my personal laptop-or often be called "lappy" . And now, sitting in front of it, with my fingers kept hitting the QWERTYUIOP keyboard softly, I am writing my blog's post about it. Ouh ! Another thing yet to be thought !

By chance, it is truly a dream comes true. Alhamdulillah. Credit and thanks to Umi and Abah. I love you both so much ! After one, comes another rewards from them. How lucky I am. 

Ouh, the taste of a new laptop is so astonishing. Gee, I can't just let my eyes starring to this gadget. Not even once. I bought it yesterday with an overall cost of RM 1850- ouh, I will always remember the digits ! Quite expensive, aren't it? Well, that is just what it has to be. Normal price for a brand new model in which my father can't negotiate further with the shop owner. 

Acer-branded. Modelled as ASPIRE 4738 series. Ouh, I couldn't agree more when I first captured this model once it was still on the display rack. I admit, these IT and things related to softwares, PC, laptops, or other gadgets are not my preference. Therefore, artistic and aesthetic details are the values evaluated. And yet, choosing this laptop is a definite idea ! 
I will be using this laptop through out  my life at KMB for 2 years. And within the period, I am really assured that my laptop will learn how to adapt well with an IB students ! Great. I hope to use this laptop for a longer period. Perhaps, or perhaps not. We'll see. But as far as I concern, I shall be taking good care of it as if I am taking a good care of my health. Yes, I am very keen of healthy lifestyle ! And my laptop should be in a good condition too throughout its usage period-please don't cause me trouble wherever possible ! I really can't handle gadget's problems :P 

How about giving it a nice name? Yeah ! Good suggestion ! 

And after all, I had decided to give it a good name. Memorable yet unique . 


Cute right? Just as his owner of course. 
Wait ! Wait ! 
Why "HIS" ? 
Yeah, my laptop is a male ! 
KYUWOON is a male after all. 

So, let's start a fun moment with KYUWOON :D 


*FREE GIFT SET* All complete in a set, mouse, cooler pad, headphone. Ouh, a total saving ! 

* HP Printer worth RM1. Valid by purchasing Acer's latest model laptop.* 

*This one excited chap is really annoying !! ><*


P/S : I am not one of those you call wealthy peeps. This was actually a reward for being excel in the SPM exam. Ouh, how grateful ! ALHAMDULILLAH :)

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