Wednesday, September 07, 2011



Okay, enough talking about home sweet home. It bothers me a lot until at one stage I don't even want to do my packings. 

And now, already at KMB, at Sam's room to be precise, resting myself from the hustling mural painting and kids teaching at SK Jenderam Hilir. Done with the roll-call last night and done with greeting all the KMB's occupants. 

KMB is still the same. And the hustle and bustle are still the same. The routine is usual too. And what I got to achieve here is also the same. 

I shall be ready for tomorrow and upcoming days. Study regime is torturing. And the up and down of a student will always being faced. KMB life. 

One thing for sure, I had already here. No turning back but just walking straight. May what I dreamt of before, is a reality after. 

IB 45.Ireland.Cardiologist.InsyaAllah :)

P/S : I just hate JP*M >< 

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