Tuesday, September 06, 2011



Last post, I guess from home. Home sweet home. Yeah, I can say that loud and clear, because it is seriously frankly speaking, being home was heaven! And when it is time to leave the heavenly feeling here, it does sucks! 

24th September, was the day I first time gone back home after about two months stranded in a place. Enthusiasted. Very enthusiasted. First time broke the fast while boarding a bus from TBS, facing an amazingly rude driver, and much more really gave me great experiences as a first-timer. 

Back at home, nothing much did I managed to do, in terms of assignments and homeworks of course. As the days passed by with outings, shopping and shopping, and shopping again. I can say that it was a non-stop marathon of shopping for the coming Eid. 

Well, there were still time left alongside the shopping activity right? So, I filled them up all by being on the line. Yes, Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, Youtube, over and over made me like want to vomit. 

Raya was okay. Spent time more than 5 days at both Umi's and Abah's kampungs. Exactly the same routine every year. Eating the same dishes, visiting the same relatives, receiving the same amount of duit raya. Yeah, monotonous. Except for the outfit, there was a little bit difference this year. I hate wearing samping recently therefore I choose to wear kurta then. And I loved it so much, as I wore it all day long from the pagi Raya until the next pagi Raya. HAHA. This year Umi bought plenty of kuih and kerepek. I expected that this year's were a bit fewer than last year's. But still, the tables were full with the jar and bekas kuih. It was a norm in this house. Well, everyone who came to my house will left full. 

The homeworks was Alhamdulillah, touched. I finished some of them but left some of them undone. I meant some KIVs when I said "undone". But yet, still I need to catch up with those study freaks to get to know something about Biology HL and Economics SL. The tests were next week dude !!!! Enough of getting band 5 for Math HL. And enough for the expected failure for Chemistry HL. Oh, I wonder what digit from band 1 to 7 will be my Chemistry HL marks represents? Definitely not 7. HAHA. 

And now, it come to the last day being home for this holiday. Oh how I wish it could be much longer. 


P/S : Same scenario during the SMSJ's time. :D 

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