Wednesday, September 14, 2011



I just fucked up these two days. 

ECONS + BIO tests. Not altogether in a test paper of course. But wrapped up in the same day, same date. Economics was just okay. The supply and demand curve were rightly drawn, I guess. But, to satisfy 8 marks on evaluation, was just like so hard. Oh, how I hope I could answer the definition of "oligopoly" correctly. At least, I covered 2 marks. Hurm. Biology was also just fine. I sat and started wrote the answers for questions like "What are the characteristics of phospholipid that maintain the structure of membrane?" and what's not. I got fed up. Plus, glancing towards Sam's answers, that were sooooooo long and complex, the tense was in the air. Oh, why can't I think more than what I had just wrote on the paper? Huh. Luckily the essay questions was just to draw a labelled diagram of the structure of prokaryotic cell. HAHA. I can recall how Ship suddenly scream in amusement when looking at the question. What the hell of essay question asking students to draw. HAHA. At least, I saved 6 marks. 

FIRST TOK ESSAY. Our class were given a task by Pn Rosmaria. This morning, she suddenly entered our classroom in the middle of the TOK period and said that she was in a busy mode, making her not in the mood of lecturing. She gave us handout, which was actually an article, entitled "An American Story". No need to mention the synopsis here. But we were given a task, which was to decide or suggest what should be done to Trisha Marshall and her baby in her womb. It was fun because it was done in pairs, and Sam said that this story was very much alike with an episode from the "Grey's Anatomy". And I was like "Great! Let just finish this thing quick and use the excess time to revise Economics". HAHA. At last, our essay was not in a TOK manner at all :P 

P/S : I hate "jual mahal" people. They think they are fucking perfect.  

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