Thursday, September 08, 2011



CHEMISTRY. One thing I hate to admit. Humiliated once to say. Another history to be carved. But this time it was bad. As expected, my Chemistry marks turned out disaster. The worst marks ever since among all Chemistry marks I ever received. It was 33%. Even not exceeding half. Not even 40%. Band 2. I GOT 2 FOR CHEMISTRY !!! You know, I failed my test. I FAILED CHEMISTRY. And I got the LOWEST marks in the class. Okay, who cares right? This was the first test. But there were more to come. And I am going to shine those upcoming tests. Insya-Allah. When there's a will, there's a way. And I believed with will, I could go on the way. 

MEGATRON. Okay, enough talking about the shirt. I suffered insomnia thinking how can my shirt could be left behind. It was not there along with the other shirts. Shit. And to make it more stupid, I was directed to "ask" for the shirt from a senior whom I never recognized, at his room. Who would? I paid RM 25 to do that? Fu*k. And I ended that by asking for Ammar's favor. But yet, I haven't collected the shirt. I am also representing Megatron for badminton game. Yeah, I am participating in the Sports Carnival! And I will be playing single! GOSH! How that creeps me a lot. I don't even know the basic rules for the game. Just doing my best for tomorrow's game. Better lose than humiliating myself. But I am not there to accept a loss. Good luck to me :D 

ID. I received my Student's ID tonight after a long humorous talk with Ustazah Johaina at the surau. I sweated a lot laughing throughout the session with her. I wonder why KMB students still tend to ask silly questions. How lame. HAHA. And talking about ID, I felt grateful enough my picture stills looked good. LOL. At least, my face did not look "lonjong":P . Yeah, after this I can do the "touch and go" system. It looked cool when looking the seniors doing that. 

After all, I need to do my homeworks after this. Not much time left to do them. I need good sleep like normal people too. 

P/S : My Pendidikan Islam's presentation sucks. Even I felt bored presenting my own slide :P 


Raudah said...

dang it!
OK gila gambar ID kau. *jeles

for me, i'm sooooo not gonna wear my ID
*lawak gila muka aku =="

Haiqal Hazwan said...


Like seriously ID aku okayyyy..HAHA..

Thanks lah sebab jeles. Aku pulak sangat excited nak pakai tag.

P/S : Lawak lawak pun muka kau beb :p