Thursday, September 15, 2011



I wore my baju melayu raya today! And Miss Bella said I looked good in that outfit! Yeah, typical Johorean always looked good in teluk belanga :P

The celebration was okay-okay lah. At the main hall, we were forced to hear speeches, and lastly needed to listen to the voices of the Music clubbers, ARGGHH, I bet that was really not my taste. 

We planned to have picnic-like feast, but yet, there was torrential rain poured down non-stop. Again, we went back to our most fearful reality, which was to eat at the DS, with the flies, I meant it, with thousands of flies! 

Lemang, Nasi Jagung, Satay, Rendang Daging, Orange Juice and Cup Ice Cream. I thought they were just enough to make me full all day long but sadly they didn't. Plus, the ambiance was not in Raya mood, like seriously, it was merely like an usual lunch! No feeling of Raya at all >< 

Done with eating, we went to the 1Malaysia and started to be like camwhore. Yeah, acting bitchy sometimes relieving stress :) HAHA. And suddenly, we came across a teacher, whom I never met before, wore baju kurung, like seriously the same colour with me! And Miss Bella insisted that I must took picture with that teacher, somehow I felt awkward. "Awak ni malu sangat!". I can still recall on what she said. 

But seriously, damn it, she's hot. HAHA. 

JPAM was suck. JPAM taught me about fire preventing. OK, the only part I paid full attention was when they sprayed the CO2, ABC, and whaddefak other fire extinguisher to us. But praise to God, it was raining until late evening so there were no foot drilling activity. Phewwww. 

P/S : Yeah. The number of MPP candidates increased already!


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